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Making Lubbockites
look terrific since 1990!

The Classic

At Jerry’s, we are known for our expertise in old-school, classic barbering. We cater to the Lubbock gentleman who takes pride in his life and particularly in his appearance.

Come down to Jerry’s and enjoy some good conversation while you get a fresh cut and shave.

Bring your opinions on sports, politics, and current events. Will we disagree? Maybe on occasion. But we will all agree on how great your hair looks. Some even say we are the Michael Angelo’s of Tonsorial Arts!



Years Experience
Shoe & Boot Shines
Ballgames Watched

The Cut - $18*

Traditional or Trendy

Come in for a good cut and a good conversation. The TVs are always on!

*Senior Cut (age 66+) - $15

*Junior Cut (ages 0-12) - $15

Shampoo - $8

The Facial Shave - $10-18

Warm lather. Straight edge.

Doin’ it old school since 1990.
It doesn’t get any better than this!

The last best deal in America!

The Shine - $6 & $7

Shoes - $6.00
Boots - $7.00

The only classic barber shop in town where you can still get your shoes & boots shined.

Proudly Supporting

Locally owned & operated for 31 years!



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